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For real estate owners who are considering management entrustment Contact us
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Message from the top

Message from the top

I entered the real estate industry at the age of 18 and learned real estate leasing, management and all about the purchase and sale of real estate while receiving a lot of support and gained experience.
During the work, I heard various consultations and requests about real estate management from various people, and I would like to provide better services to those who trust me. Established "E-horizon Co., Ltd." in April 2012 with the desire to be useful.
We launched [E management system] as a real estate management department.
We are also starting to work on new businesses so that we can respond to changing needs in an era that is changing day by day.
We will continue to grow without fear of change so that we can continue to be a place where employees can work actively and flexibly, and we will spare no effort to contribute to society with a broader perspective.

Yohei Suzuki, Representative Director

Basic principles of E-Horizon

Based on the five principles stated above, we will train ourselves and educate employees—severely at times and gently at other times—inside and outside the company.